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BCSL-58 lab important questions and solutions

BCSl-058 IGNOU BCA lab for 5th semester students is bit different due bit hard to remeber formulas. Here no need to develop logic part to solve problem. YOu need to tranlate givenproblem to C program.

BCSL-058 Important questions and solutions

Below is are some important topics those need to be practiced. It valid for 202 batch but mostly works for future batch also.

  • Sin(x) expression evolution
  • Cos(x) expression evolution
  • 1/3 rule
  • Trapezoid rule
  • Secant Method
  • Bisection Method

Sample Important questions related to above topics are as below.

You must remember C factorial function code. POW() function also important( no need to code that, its builtin function in C). Most of the variables must be declared as float type.

Bi section C p program explained in Turbo C

Bi section explained in simple way
C program for Regula false in simple way !

BCSL- 057 database connectivity and method to pass

BCSl-057 Web programming lab is bit different from otehr labs. Lets see method to pass that lab with some short cut.

Issue with BCSl-67 lab:

BCSL-057 lab 2nd question requires JSP and Database connectivity. Most of labs lacks of them or properly not configured. Next hurdle is Time. With in 1 hr you need to answer 4 mini questions.

Question format for BCSL-057

  • Front page or Home page of a website with different layouts
  • Report generation page using JSP using Oracle/Mysql
  • Message display page with mentioned CSS
  • Contact form with various Input fields ( Textbox etc..)

Now lets see method to pass BCSl-57. Except 2nd question remain all can be designed using notepad and not required any Tomcat or DB. So first write theory as much as you can. Next design home page in html page, contact us form.Show it to your professor that out 4 sub questions , got out put for 3. 99% you will get passed.

Above method won’t for all Colleges but mostly it works for majority. I am going to apply this method and will share outcome here. Stay tuned.

BCSL-056 IGNOU BCA 5th sem tutorial Network programming

BCSL-056 is related to Network programming using Linux OS. Socket programming using C is 20 marks question. TCP server and Client OR UDP server and Client is the only two varlets comes in exam.

Lets have some tutorials on above topics

BCSL-056 Lab Tutorial on socket programming in C

Key part is remembering structure definitions. Most of the program is static no logic to develop during exam.

2nd question is generally Linux OS commands. Previous questions papaers of BCSL -056 is best bet for both question types.

Forgot to write subject code and name on IGNOU BCA answer sheet?

What will happen, if you forgot to write course code and name on IGNOU BCA answer sheet?

Funny question right ?, for most of you, its funny. But for me now issue filled with suspense. While wring MCS-014 subject backlog, with over joy of easy paper , forgot to mention subject code or course code and name on answer sheet.

Wrote around 15 pages of answers and continued to 2nd exam. on that evening, suddenly flashed that I din’t mentioned course code on answer sheet. IGNOU will correct my answer sheet or not, no specific answer from Uncle Google :).

I will update the effect here, once my result out in next month. But will treat as lesson for me or you can also remember it.

IGNOU BCA BCSL-021 C language lab detailed tutorial and exam notes

IGNOU BCA BCSL-021 is very important subject not only for 2nd sem students but for next sem students also. C programming based topics are present in 3rd,4th,5th and 6th sem subjects.

If you are not familiar with in this semester witg C, then very difficult for next semesters to complete. so we sharing detailed tutorial on BCSL-21 C langue programming.

Please subscribe to original author you tube channel.

Part 1 : C programming tutorial

BCSL-21 C lab tutorial in detail and hold good for MCS-011

IGNOU MCS-023 detailed tutorial and exam notes

IGNOU BCA 4th sem subject MCS-023 is Java language. We can use same tutorial for BCSL-043 also. You can consider it as exam notes also. MCS-23 tutoials are video based, short on each topic.

Please subscribe to original authority you tube channel for his countless hrs of work.

MCS-023 Java for IGNOU BCA and MCA

IGNOU MCA students also can use above detailed Java tutorial for MCS-023.

BCSL-043 Java lab detailed tutorial for IGNOU BCA

Ignou BCA students, in this post I am sharing one of the best Java tutorials as per IGNOU BCA sylabus.

Please note that I am sharing tutorial found and suitable for IGNOU. So please subscribe or like the original author you tube channel to show our gratitude.

Sample video about BCSL-83 applet concept.

and below is complete Java tutorial for for Java language from above author. Below one complete playlist of 40 videos covers both BCSL-043 and Java subject for Ignou.Above single video is about BCSL 43 Java lab applet section. other parts of BCSL-043 listed in following video. So its one shot for two birds 🙂 . YOu can complete JAVA + JAVA lab in one short. So see complete playlist and encourage author by like or subscribe.

Complete 40 videos covering Java + BCSL-043 course of IGNOU BCA

Note: you can go to desired topic by clicking top – tight playlist menu.

How to prepare IGNOU BCA project synopsis or proposal

This one 2nd part of series IGNOU BCA project proposal preparation series. In this part I will show screen shots of various elements of synopsis. Major parts of BCA Synopsis Major parts of BCA synopsis:

  • FrontPage – 1 page
  • Proforma details -1 page
  • GUIDE CV – 2 to 3 pages with sign on each page ( guide’s)
  • Index page – 1 Page
  • Synopsis – 12-18 pages

IGNOU BCA PROJECT Synopsis front page template

How to fill IGNOU BCA project proforma?

IGNOU BCA Project synopsis or proposal how to series
IGNOU BCA how to prepare synopsis step by step how to
Sample Index of BCA project proposal

Above is sample Index format to attach.

IGNOu BCA Project synopsis or proposal how to step by step

Ignou BCA 5th semester students, its time to submit project synopsis. After gap of few months, I am back with new post. There is lot of confusion about IGNOU BCA project synopsis preparation and submission. I will do two posts on this topic

What is IGNOU BCA project synopsis ?

it is the proposal or information about project that you going to to do in BCA 6th sem. IN BCA 5th you need to submit project synopsis to RC and RC will check and accepts it, then you can go ahead do the prokect in 6th sem.

Before 5th sem exams you need to submit proposal to your RC.

Yes, it got its own rules and format. Documentation is there but covered with confusion :). Let me clarify on this part.

Format of BCA project synopsis or proposal

1.Front page 2. Application filled with details 3.Guide VC with signature and Guide ID card ( in case if you not using staff of study center.or not databse of IGNOU RC. ) 4. synopsis from 12 to 15 pages. Next few rules 1. Never use C/c++ for database related projects. 2,Spiral bind not hard bind / stick files while submitting.

you need to submit in manual to RC in some states like Karnataka and some accepts India post.

Next post will share in depth details with screen shots and video.