IGNOU BCA 2017 portal and whatsapp group

Welcome to IGNOU BCA 2017 portal   and BCA whatsapp group (open from your mobile)   powered by more than 100 members with latest information,events and resources related to IGNOU BCA course.
IGNOU BCA information portal organized in the following menu

IGNOU BCA 1st semester (Material,assignments,video tutorials,exam dates)

IGNOU BCA 1st semester fresher student on boarding process
IGNOU BCA tutorials, How to guides, BCA term end examinations preparation guides,IGNOU BCA assignments preparations guides  and various resources related to IGNOU BCA 2017 batch.

IGNOU BCA  schedule

Real time Google calendar of  upcoming events related to theory  and LAB classes .Other important dates related to BCA assignment submissions, re-registrations and exam dates.

IGNOU BCA contact

You can contact portal admins for any issues or concerns  related to our IGNOU BCA portal

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