How to prepare IGNOU BCA 1st sem maths to pass

IGNOU BCA 1st sem maths bcs-012 preparation guide to pass. In next 2 days Maths exam is there for IGNOU BCA 1st sem students. May be its too late for this article but I am sure one can get help for June 2018 session. In fact for me also less confidence to face Dec session exam. I got this info bit late.Fear of maths? way to pass IGNOU BCA maths know the secret today.

How to pass IGNOU BCA 1st sem maths exams

Kindly don’t expect short cuts here. My attempt is to pass exam without reading all the blocks of book.

Understand the layout of IGNOU BCA maths paper for 1st sem

Total 5 questions will be offered to you. In that 1 question is must and should, I mean mandatory. You need to attempt it. If you write all questions and forgot to answer 1 question then you will fail. 

First question will have sub questions and you can attempt as many as you can. Each question carries 5 marks. total 40 marks. That’s the pass mark also. SO simply attempting 1 question with 100% accuracy you can pass exam. But real time it is not possible so you need to answer few of other questions also.

In remaining  4 questions you need to answer 3 questions.

How to pass IGNOU BCA bcs-012 maths exam

In short you can skip two  block of  BCS 12 maths book. I am skipping 2nd ,3 rd block. You need to prepare 1 st block and any one block from other 3 to pass exam.  1 and 4 or 1 and 2 is best option. Please note I am giving this suggestions to those who wants to pass maths exam not for those who wants to score good marks. I don’t want maths backlog to IGNOU BCA second sem.

Please check previous years questions papers before exam day.

IGNOU BCA tutorials bcs-012 maths series





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