My first experience with IGNOU BCA maths exam

Here is the my first IGNOU exam ever attended,experience. My first IGNOU BCA exam is maths. Learned bit costly lessons from this exam.

About IGNOU Exam process:

Similar any regular university,printed question paper and answer booklet with rules. You need to write you roll number in digits as well as in words also. Very strict monitoring. Graph paper will be provided on demand. Well and good.

My performance and hardness of question paper:

This time bcs-12 question paper marks allocation changed. BUT questions are all guessed only THEN WHY IAM UNABLE attempt? ONLY ONE REASON, lack of practice. Maths requires lot of practice. When reading study material, it will look easy. But next day day you won’t remember unless you practice. Same with me, lack of practice. I missed easy paper this time but don’t know about June session. Complete my mistake.

Butgot chance to see talented people,young lady who was sit before me in exam hall  expecting more than 85 marks out of  100. Nice to see such people.

Lesson from this exam:

Don’t learn too much but practice IGNOU books problems. Study every day ( solve sums repeatedly.





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