IGNOU BCA 2nd sem where to download C programming lab software

Why IGNOU BCA students need C programming software ?

IGNOU BCA 2nd sem  students need to learn C programming language for theory as well as lab. Here you can download C  programming software required for IGNOU BCA 2nd semester.

Which version and company of  C programming software required for IGNOU BCA students?

In general, it is a tradition to use Turbo C for academic purpose. As we don’t have Linux subject. So for windows hosts Turbo C is the ultimate for educational purpose.Turbo C  plus 3.0 or 3.2 is the one we  required.

Problem with Turbo C on modern PCs and laptops :

Turbo C won’t run on 64 bit processors andmost of our PCs and laptops are 64 bit. For this, virtualization concept applied using  Dosbox emulator.  This is for your information only. For end user no need to think about it. Just download and install, that it. Thanks to developers who provided this valuable software for free for students.Download Turbo C for IGNOU students 

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