BCSL-013 question papers and easy way to pass lab exam explained

IGNOU BCA 1st semester students can download  all BCSL-013 lab exam question papers and study material in one place from here. There is easy way to pass BCSL-013 which is described in this post.

bcsl-013 lab student material or lab manual you can download from

Where to download BCSL-013 lab book or manual

How to prepare and How to pass BCSL-013 lab exam in easy way.

Next, download all old question papers. Here is key to pass bcsl-013 lab exam. For your convince, made single pdf file with all previous year question papers merged. Read them and answer them all. You will get pass marks. Pay attention and observe the pattern of questions. By simply reading the answers won’t help you. You need to write them on papers without seeing from book.  On lab exam day, first you need write answer on answer book and then only they will give lab pc to do practical.


Now you equipped with BCSL-013 lab book and all old question papers. Start preparation and you will pass if you follow above method.

IGNOU bcsl-13 lab exam date announced


Detailed BCSL-013 lab exam real time process

Why it is not easy appearing backlog of IGNOU BCA lab exams unlike theory

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