Why it is not easy appearing backlog of IGNOU BCA lab exams unlike theory

IGNOU BCA lab or practical backlog exams like BCSl-013 is not easy or automated like theory exams. In case, if you skipped or bunked IGNOU lab counseling sessions or lab classes.

As we aware that 75%  attendance is must to appear lab exams. In case if you unable to make it and wants to do on  next semester ? Here  is the process.

1.Before starting next semester’s lab classes, you need to submit application to your local regional center mentioned that you skipped lab classes in previous semester due to that reason unable to attend lab exam and want to attend in current semester.

You need to pay 300/- DD also along with application, otherwise your name won;t appear in study center’s lab  attendance list.

That is why  lab exam backlog attempting is not that much easy. Its time consuming and cost involved.

So its not good idea to skiplab classes of IGNOU courses.



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