Latest IGNOU re-evaluation process – how to draw DD in favor of IGNOU

There is no online funds transfer facility to apply IGNOU BCA re-evaluation of theory subjects. Now most of us forgot how to made DD or Demand Draft. So lets share few details about  DD drawing process for IGNOU. Iam explain for ICICI but it applies to all banks.

1.Cost involved IGNOU re-evaluation process

First note down the subject codes you want to apply for re-evaluation. Each subject costs you 750/- and if you want xerox copies then 100/-more per subject.

2.BANK DD form fields relevant to IGNOU re-evaluation process

DD payable at : MUST be evaluation center location not NEW DELHI. For example Karnataka region DD must be payable at Kochi.

DD in favour of  IGNOU

3.Note to write behind DD

Your roll number, study center code,subject codes for re-evaluation,exam session ( Dec/June) and your mobile number.

UPDATE: I got my answer sheet xerox copies with in 1 week time.Amazing , IGNOU seems changing a lot now a days.

IGNOU re-evaluation form updated download latest form to save time, money

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