IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 lab software for Windows 7 and 10 pcs

IGNOU BCA BCSL-022  lab which is based on MCS-12 subject. Basically it is an  Assembly language programming lab. Now many code compilers available online. You can write code and execute online using browser.No installation  and free. Good thing BUT BCSL-022 lab course no option available online.

Most of the material or theory classes based on DOS assembly language that means you need to use TASM or MASM. Those are old Software which can run on Windows XP systems. Latest versions of Windows OS like 7 onward they won’t run properly.

Work around  to run TASM on Windows 7 onward:

Install DOSBOX or VirtualBox virtulization product and run WindowsXP as guest OS or as virtual mechanic.

Easy method to run TASM on Windows 7 and 10  is :

GUI Turbo assembler which is designed by Lakhya Jyoti Nath | MCA 2k15, Tezpur University,IN. Thanks to Nath. Download software and install as usual on windows 7. Simple, your TASM is ready to run with neat IDE. Now you can easily write assembly programs.

Assembly lanaguage tutorial for IGNOU BCA

BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA tutorial notes


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