BCSL-022 tutorial series previous question papers and exam pattern

In our  IGNOU BCA bcsl-022 tutorial series, today lets see about exam pattern by checking  previous years BCSL-022 assembly language question papers.

Lets first download BCSL-22 previous years question papers. One of our group Whatsapp member kind enough to share them. I merged all of them in single PDF to check pattern. ignoubcahelp-com-bcsl22-papers

If you observe BCSL-022 old question papers, we can identify one patter which is Arrays and Bit manipulation are repeating topics. Multiplication,comparing and sorting array elements  like different combinations repeating.  Whenever if you see memory location then we need to assume  about array. Next Bit manipulation like clear high 4 bits or mask operations. This array concept covers loops also. so if we able to cover or read arrays and bit operations then automatically we will learn branch and looping.

  • Array concept
  • Branch and Loop
  • Bit operations
  • Basic arthmetic operations like ADD,SUB,DIV,MUL

We have 5 days time, instead of reading and remembering programs, just learn concepts which detailed in our books. For me also assembly language  like alien language but last few days just compared with C and started learning concepts. Its working and able to understand now.  Now we have less time. Just read above topics and practice programs so that at least we can write some theory part.

In exam:

Write as much as you can. As I am not sure we can compile program without errors. But if you able to explain concept good chance we can pass. we need 17 marks anyway.

Before writing code, write some theory of 2 paras like what is asked how we going to solve by using mentioning steps in plain English which may satisfy examiner. If you starting writing direct code and if you unable to write more 5-6 lines then it won’t look good.

Hope, this post helps you while attempting BCSl-022 lab exam.

BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA tutorial notes





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