IGNOU BCA exams cancelled or rescheduled, paper leak ?

Bad news for IGNOU BCA students who appearing Dec 2018 exams. Some exams are cancelled and some are rescheduled. Please check your SMS or contact RC asap.

BCS-031 c++ programming language exam held on 5th December cancelled and got SMS from RC last night. I never expected this. MCS013 also postponed.

Please check your subjects by calling RC. As I don’t have info for all semesters. One more thing they kept 2 exams on 31-DEC for 3rd semester BCA students. So morning to evening in the exam hall on 31st December? Some security guard setting timetable or what?  Getting off in December that too last min is no way!

Ignou BCA exams 2018 cancelled and  postponed.New dates
Ignou exams cancelled and new time table

Update: New Hall tickets issued. Please download from here

Update 2: MCS-012 also cancelled.

New schedule out now once again

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