BCSL- 057 database connectivity and method to pass

BCSl-057 Web programming lab is bit different from otehr labs. Lets see method to pass that lab with some short cut.

Issue with BCSl-67 lab:

BCSL-057 lab 2nd question requires JSP and Database connectivity. Most of labs lacks of them or properly not configured. Next hurdle is Time. With in 1 hr you need to answer 4 mini questions.

Question format for BCSL-057

  • Front page or Home page of a website with different layouts
  • Report generation page using JSP using Oracle/Mysql
  • Message display page with mentioned CSS
  • Contact form with various Input fields ( Textbox etc..)

Now lets see method to pass BCSl-57. Except 2nd question remain all can be designed using notepad and not required any Tomcat or DB. So first write theory as much as you can. Next design home page in html page, contact us form.Show it to your professor that out 4 sub questions , got out put for 3. 99% you will get passed.

Above method won’t for all Colleges but mostly it works for majority. I am going to apply this method and will share outcome here. Stay tuned.

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