BCSL-58 lab important questions and solutions

BCSl-058 IGNOU BCA lab for 5th semester students is bit different due bit hard to remeber formulas. Here no need to develop logic part to solve problem. YOu need to tranlate givenproblem to C program.

BCSL-058 Important questions and solutions

Below is are some important topics those need to be practiced. It valid for 202 batch but mostly works for future batch also.

  • Sin(x) expression evolution
  • Cos(x) expression evolution
  • 1/3 rule
  • Trapezoid rule
  • Secant Method
  • Bisection Method

Sample Important questions related to above topics are as below.

You must remember C factorial function code. POW() function also important( no need to code that, its builtin function in C). Most of the variables must be declared as float type.

Bi section C p program explained in Turbo C

Bi section explained in simple way
C program for Regula false in simple way !

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