IGNOU BCA December 18 exam registration dates

Time to register online for  IGNOU BCA exams costing 120 each paper. As I mentioned earlier refer IGNOU BCA December 2018 exam registration tips

Many students keep on asking same question about due date of exams. Here is the answer for IGNOU BCA December 2018 exams.

24th September 2018 to 31st October 2018 – Without late fee
1st November 2018 to 10th November 2018 – With late fee of Rs.1000/-

Now you know due dates and fee details  and register for them. Best of luck!

Where to pay IGNOU BCA exam fee online

Mostly for freshers this  post applies. Where to pay IGNOU exam fee? Study center or RC? No, any type of payments toIGNOU must be online only. No offline payments.

Where to pay IGNOU BCA exam fee and what kind of payment modes available?

One can pay using creditcard/debitcard or net banking. You need to fill the subject codes and pay 120 per subject. You need to select back logs also in case any.

Pay your IGNOU exam fee here

Note: Be careful while selecting subject codes.




IGNOU BCA to whom should contact for what latest updated details for students

Not yet updated your lab marks for exams like BCSL-013 or BCSL-022, even after declaring result for other students? first question is Whom should I contact?
IGNOU Assignments marks still not updated ? Who should I contact?
Books not dispatched or material returned what to do ?
Study center and RC are the immediate answers. But most of time it won’t work for some issues.
In my case my BCSL-013 lab1 marks still not updated, even next sem exams going to start soon. I am clueless as I am not getting any hints from anywhere. Then following contact list helped to sort out issue.
I sent mail and got reply that marks are updating in next update of result. Tension free now.

IGNOU BCA university latest contact details for help for students.

IGNOU BCA university contact details for assistance
Contact list for IGNOU university officials for student help

IGNOU BCA time to pay next semester fee re registration opened

Time to pay next semester IGNOU BCA fee of 6000/-. Re-registration  enabled and last date to pay fee is 30-May ( without late fee). Freshers don;t forget to pay this fee. In IGNOU you need to pay next semester fee in advance.

Where to pay next semester IGNOU BCA fee?

As IGNOU made everything online related to registration, you can use this portal to ay fee.NO offline payments. You can use Netbanking/Debit and credit cards.



IGNOU BCA DEC 2017 Reevaluation result declared

IGNOU BCA reevaluation result for DEC 2017 is  declared. I got 10 marks added but still failed in BCSL-011 which I wrote well as per me. Now  I got 34 , earlier 25. Who ever applied can check result at below mentioned URL.

IGNOU BCA re evalution result latest.

But suprise for Maths subject they removed 20 marks and made it 6 now. Earlier 26 marks I got in BCSL-012. Strange.How to understand IGNOU evaluation system or paper correction is still unsolved puzzle for  me.



IGNOU BCA JAN 2018 1st semester theory and Lab classes started for BIT 1314

IGNOU BCA students who joined the course in JAN 2018,now ready to attend for BCA theory and Lab classes. For study center whose code is 1314, theory and lab schedule released for BCA 1st semester students.

Here is PDF with theory and Lab clases schedule for BIT . Last Saturday induction is over for Karnataka RC. so all study centers in Karnataka must start classes. Please visit yourstudy center in person. No phone service.

IGNOU BCA 1st semester 2018 Theory and lab forBIT
IGNOU BCA 1st semester Jan 2018 theory and Lab timings.

Exam dates for Jan-2018 batch.

IGNOU BCA June 2018 TEE exam dates announced