IGNOU BCA December 18 exam registration dates

Time to register online for  IGNOU BCA exams costing 120 each paper. As I mentioned earlier refer IGNOU BCA December 2018 exam registration tips

Many students keep on asking same question about due date of exams. Here is the answer for IGNOU BCA December 2018 exams.

24th September 2018 to 31st October 2018 – Without late fee
1st November 2018 to 10th November 2018 – With late fee of Rs.1000/-

Now you know due dates and fee details  and register for them. Best of luck!

IGNOU BCA 8086 assembly language best reference book

Got reference for 8086 assembly language for DOS from web. Thanks to author. It cover in depth details of DOS – 16 bit assembly language . One onle thing is it TASM. anyway not a big matter, concept is well explained. Got this book only before two days of ALP lab exam :). No problem junior students  can take advantage.

8086 16 bit DOS assembly langauge for IGNOU BCA

You can refer our 8086 ALP tutorial series for IGNOU




BCSL-22 IGNOU BCA ALP tutorial series – bit shifting and rolling

In our 8086 assembly language tutorial series, today we will have a look on bit manipulation like bit shifting and rolling.

After the concept registers, bit operations is most important topic to learn. Will share the best resources found on net with you. Have a look and share your ideas.



Above two  documents covers all bit wise operation for 8086 for IGNOU BCA students.


BCSL-022 8086 ALP tutorial series |Registers and memory segmentation

In our BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA assembly language series, lets have a look on most important topic Registers and memory segmentation. Will share resources gathered from internet.

Registers and memory segmentation:

Heart of ALP is above topics. Spend as much as you can on above topics. Registers and memory segmentation for 8086 well explained by few persons in general terms. I will share those documents to you now.

1.Download and read IGNOUBCAhelp.com- Low Level Basics of ALP for Registers and Segmentation  basics

Once you well understand above concept, then we can start with programming.

BCSL-022 8086 assembly language tutorial series Basics – variables

In our IGNOU BCA assembly language series, Lets have a look on variables and how to deal with 8086 assembly language.Earlier we checked about basics of program structure and internals  of bit and bytes.

8086 assembly language – how to handle variables:

I assume you know about variables concept  in other high level language like C, C++.Now lets have look on how variables works in 8086 assembly language.

in 8086 assembly language, three types of variable declarations available. db,dw and dd. Lets see what are those and how to declare with examples.

var_name  variable_type   value

Var_name is anything you want ,

Variable type  :

8086 variable declaration basics for IGNOU BCA BCSl-022 subject
8086 variable declaration basics for IGNOU BCA




Next, we will see about most important concept called  registers and  your most concentration required. If you able to understand next topic 60% of assembly langue you covered.

I was able to attend only  2 theory classes  at my IGNOU  study center related to ALP. only 10% of concept  able to understand. Professor who teaches for IGNOU class suggested his own book “micro processors and micro controllers by Sun star publications  ” which helped me. Thanks to Kasav murthy sir.

I will try to present Registers as much as I can. I am also just student like you. So  feel free to point out mistake by dropping your comments below.

IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 assembly language tutorial series basics

In our BCSL-022 assembly language tutorial series, lets view about basics of assembly language programming like structure of 8086  assembly language and explanation of each part of basic structure.

IGNOU BCA 8086 tutorial basics of assembly
8086 assembly language lab tutorial basics of .asm program structure TASM

Above is common for All programs.As IGNOU BCA we use TASM 3.x as our assembler so all of posts will be based on TASM.

Line 1: comment which you can write anything but in exam don’t forget to mention program description

Line 2: It is  common unless you customize segment names so for now just remember it. Same applies to Line number 3.

Line number 4 on wards declare you variables and end with Line 5 statement. Basically saying data ends ( see ‘s’) it means segment.

Now variable part over, now time to start coding using those variables. Line number 6,7 declares that part. After line 7 you can write your code. Line 10,11 indicates end of program.

SO this is basic structure  you need to remember  for any assembly language program which you going to use to compile with TASM software.

Next we will see about variables how to declare them and what are the types of variables available.

But one basic thing  you need to get clear understanding is “bit” and “byte” without knowing what is bit and byte nothing you going learn. For most of you this statement looks odd who the hell don’t know about bit and byte , but surprising most of the people confuses about it.


What is bit: Hardware circuit which can be charged or discharge that mean if charged it indicated 1 and no charge it is 0. Group of this 8 devices is called 1 byte.

Excellent reference  available for bit and byes here. My suggestion is understand it. It is very important. Bits and Bytes must read for BCSl-022.

Hope by now you got clear understanding about assembly language common structure and what is bit and  byte. Next post, w ill see variables part.


BCSL-022 tutorial series previous question papers and exam pattern

In our  IGNOU BCA bcsl-022 tutorial series, today lets see about exam pattern by checking  previous years BCSL-022 assembly language question papers.

Lets first download BCSL-22 previous years question papers. One of our group Whatsapp member kind enough to share them. I merged all of them in single PDF to check pattern. ignoubcahelp-com-bcsl22-papers

If you observe BCSL-022 old question papers, we can identify one patter which is Arrays and Bit manipulation are repeating topics. Multiplication,comparing and sorting array elements  like different combinations repeating.  Whenever if you see memory location then we need to assume  about array. Next Bit manipulation like clear high 4 bits or mask operations. This array concept covers loops also. so if we able to cover or read arrays and bit operations then automatically we will learn branch and looping.

  • Array concept
  • Branch and Loop
  • Bit operations
  • Basic arthmetic operations like ADD,SUB,DIV,MUL

We have 5 days time, instead of reading and remembering programs, just learn concepts which detailed in our books. For me also assembly language  like alien language but last few days just compared with C and started learning concepts. Its working and able to understand now.  Now we have less time. Just read above topics and practice programs so that at least we can write some theory part.

In exam:

Write as much as you can. As I am not sure we can compile program without errors. But if you able to explain concept good chance we can pass. we need 17 marks anyway.

Before writing code, write some theory of 2 paras like what is asked how we going to solve by using mentioning steps in plain English which may satisfy examiner. If you starting writing direct code and if you unable to write more 5-6 lines then it won’t look good.

Hope, this post helps you while attempting BCSl-022 lab exam.

BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA tutorial notes





BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA tutorial notes

BCSL-022 assembly language tutorial or cheat notes for x86 is our current topic. Found some interesting notes related to IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 related while browsing. I am sharing resources what I found in our assembly language tutorial series.

As first dose, I am sharing excellent cheat notes by Rahul  related to Assembly language. Every on eof BCSL-022 students must read these basics of  asm code.

Assembly Language Programming_ 8086 Assembly Language Programming

Before jumping to  write programs, please read above article completely.

Next dose, I will share much more info related to Assembly language.

  1. TASM assembly language software for IGNOU BCA and MCA students
  2. BCSL-022 important lab exam questions
  3. BCSL-022 tutorial series previous question papers and exam pattern
  4. IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 assembly language tutorial series basics
  5. BCSL-022 8086 assembly language tutorial series Basics – variables
  6. BCSL-022 8086 ALP tutorial series |Registers and memory segmentation
  7. BCSL-22 IGNOU BCA ALP tutorial series – bit shifting and rolling
  8. IGNOU BCA 8086 assembly language best reference book



TASM assembly language software for IGNOU BCA and MCA students

TASM or Turbo assembler is the software which need to be used in BCSL-022 lab exam. No MASM or emu8086. In exam hall, systems will be equipped with TASM as it is comes along with Turbo C software.

Now  you can run turbo assembler directly from any version of Windows Operating system without virtualization support like DOSbox. Complete software with IDE and TASM inbuilt  is freely available for download from here

.So  our lab book examples and lab exam system uses TASM only. So don;t use any other software as syntax difference will be there.


BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA tutorial notes

BCSL-022 tutorial series previous question papers and exam pattern

IGNOU BCSL-021 solved assignment latest

As earlier we shared aboutBCSL-022 now time for BCSL-021. IGNOU BCA BCSL-021 is smallest assignment with single question to write C program for student information system.

Using C FILE and Structure operations, we going to build student information system.

Credit goes to original author , BCSL-021-solved-latest-assignment-here

In case if you missed,

BCSL-022 latest solved assignment latest 2018 question 2