IGNOU BCA 1st semester fresher student on boarding process

Your one stop portal for IGNOU BCA 1st semester for clueless students.As we all know that IGNOU BCA fresher always face many issues. Before discussing those lets see what you will get from this IGNOU portal.Lets see how to start BCA course from IGNOU.

Complete  IGNOU BCA 1st semester fresher student on boarding process

0.Register for IGNOU BCA 2018 (easy and paper less and online)

How to take admission in Ignou

To register or join IGNOU BCA   course for 2018 January , you need to fulfill  following requirements.

1.6,000/- ( net banking/credit/debit card) only. No offline registration or payment.

2.10th,10+2 mark sheet color clear  scan copy ( don;t scan copies of black and white)

3.One passport size photo scan copy and your sign scan copy.

That’s it,  visit https://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in/admission/ and register your self and upload above documents along with payment.


* Provide correct postal address, it is very important IGNOU will send book,mark list and all other communication to your contact address only through India Post.

*Provide correct and working e-mail and mobile number. E-mail is primary contact for IGNOU. Prefer Gmail. Don;t forget to check  spam folders until you get admission confirmation welcome mail.


1.Post payment for IGNOU BCA 1st semester check list

Now your part is over for now. It will take 1 or 2 months for confirmation from IGNOU. You will get welcome e-mail from IGNOU as look like below. Please check your admission status online at above mentioned portal now and then.

2.How to verify admission confirmation

a. payment confirmation mail:

Your Control number is 172745728Your application form has been successfully submitted on 5/22/2017 12:47:53 PM for BCA Programme. We are in receipt of Rs. 5149.85/- /- towards program fee of First Semester/year. Your application is under process and your provisional admission will be confirmed by IGNOU regional Centre

b.Welcome e-mail from IGNOU with roll number and study center details.

[SUSPECTED SPAM] Confirmation of Admission – Registration No: 1727xxxx

c.IGNOU portal where you earlier registered will show your status at confirmed.

3.Post confirmation steps of admission in IGNOU BCA

Please note down your ROLL number and study center. You will get other for induction program. they will take some time so dont panic. Once induction program conducted assume your course started.

4.IGNOU books – the great achievement than passing exams

This is where IGNOU sucks, for example June 2017 enrolled students got books just 10 days before of exams in Dec month. The you got question right entire semester no books then how  you did study. Whatsapp groups saved us. Our BCA only whatsaapp  group started immediately after welcome mail and some one pointed out online availability of books. Then we started this portal and many clueless students got help and able to get on.

Download IGNOU BCA 1st semester 2018 books from online IGNOU portal

5.Assignments, why they must to pass course, step by step to complete along with VIVA

In IGNOU assignments plays key role. Assignments are nothing but questions you need answer from books and file and submit to study center in time. Download assignment questions and answer as per our instructions.

refer BCA Assignments resources section for stepby step process of  IGNOU BCA 2018 assignment preparation and submission process. https://ignoubcahelp.com/ignou-bca-free-resources-and-guides-to-pass-bca/

What happens in IGNOU BCA 1st sem VIVA

6.Study center , key role player.

Study center which conducts theory classes and LAB for you. Attendee for LAB mandatory and 75%should be there to appear for exam.Please be in touch with study center to get schedule. You won’t get any communication, need to walk in for check about it. You can;t depend on study center for learning subject. Very few classes will be conducted to solve your doubts. They won’t teach you much. So YouTube is your friend and KHAN academy also. For Maths study NCERT 10+2 maths book. You can follow out maths tutorials here


7.Theory and lab classes and how to utilize them.

Attend them as much possible as you can. Any way LAB attendance is required. Know your faculty and be friend with. They are the persons who going to gice assignment marks. Prepare chapters and list your doubts on paper and get clarified. Main thing is improve interaction with them. Familiar with LAB and software they using. on LAB exam day it will be helpful.

8.How to study ( Never compare IGNOU with other university.Its not that easy!)

Critical part, which we did mistake. Practice everyday since start of semester Really trust me IGNOU exams are not that much easy at par with Engineering 1 st year. But we  have books and mostly comes in those books. Everyday allocated some time to Maths which harder to  pass. https://ignoubcahelp.com/2017/11/28/how-to-prepare-ignou-bca-1st-sem-maths-to-pass/

9.Why lab attendance compulsory ?

It is rule from IGNOU to appear for LAB exam which is BCSL-013. So 75% attendance required.

10.How to register for exam and when to register ?


11.Why to register fro 2 sem even not completing 1 sem ?

Its one of  the strage policy of IGNOU. you need to pay fee for second semester even before completing first semester. So dont forget it.


12.Exam time, How to prepare and IGNOU exam process

As mentioned earlier, if you already started everyday since starting of sem then no need to worry. Otherwise trouble. Solve past 5 years question papers. Solve every question in “check you progress” section of IGNOU books.NO need to refer or learn out side book topics. Most of them from books only. You will get hall tickets online. IGNOU exam process is typical like any regular university. You need to write answers on rules pages not on white papers not even for Maths also. 1 question is must to answer. If you complete all questions and left 1st question no use. You will fail. You can order xerox copies of answer sheet once result declared. You can apply for re validation also.

13.Post result, how to tackle backlog if any.

While registering exams for 2nd sem, you need to pay fee for 1st sem baccklog also. Online process only so no need to visit RC.