BCSL-022 8086 assembly language tutorial series Basics – variables

In our IGNOU BCA assembly language series, Lets have a look on variables and how to deal with 8086 assembly language.Earlier we checked about basics of program structure and internals  of bit and bytes.

8086 assembly language – how to handle variables:

I assume you know about variables concept  in other high level language like C, C++.Now lets have look on how variables works in 8086 assembly language.

in 8086 assembly language, three types of variable declarations available. db,dw and dd. Lets see what are those and how to declare with examples.

var_name  variable_type   value

Var_name is anything you want ,

Variable type  :

8086 variable declaration basics for IGNOU BCA BCSl-022 subject
8086 variable declaration basics for IGNOU BCA




Next, we will see about most important concept called  registers and  your most concentration required. If you able to understand next topic 60% of assembly langue you covered.

I was able to attend only  2 theory classes  at my IGNOU  study center related to ALP. only 10% of concept  able to understand. Professor who teaches for IGNOU class suggested his own book “micro processors and micro controllers by Sun star publications  ” which helped me. Thanks to Kasav murthy sir.

I will try to present Registers as much as I can. I am also just student like you. So  feel free to point out mistake by dropping your comments below.