How to prepare for IGNOU BCA BCSL 13 lab viva

IGNOU BCA 1st semester Maths and PC basics VIVA completed in most of the study centers. Now time for  BCA 1st semester BCSL-13 LAB VIVA. How to prepare for BCSl -13 viva?. Most of the LAB based on MS office.

Question is, in LAB manual, office version is 2007 and now MS office 2007 Eold. Latest version of MS office have different menus.

So which version of MS version need to use for LAB viva. Answer is simple.

Use same version which  is installed in your  lab . If your lab using office 2010  then  use it. So check you lab MS office version and practice it.

Do you know IGNOU BCSL-013 lab exam requirement beyond hall ticket to attempt

BCSL-013 question papers and easy way to pass lab exam explained




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