IGNOu BCA Project synopsis or proposal how to step by step

Ignou BCA 5th semester students, its time to submit project synopsis. After gap of few months, I am back with new post. There is lot of confusion about IGNOU BCA project synopsis preparation and submission. I will do two posts on this topic

What is IGNOU BCA project synopsis ?

it is the proposal or information about project that you going to to do in BCA 6th sem. IN BCA 5th you need to submit project synopsis to RC and RC will check and accepts it, then you can go ahead do the prokect in 6th sem.

Before 5th sem exams you need to submit proposal to your RC.

Yes, it got its own rules and format. Documentation is there but covered with confusion :). Let me clarify on this part.

Format of BCA project synopsis or proposal

1.Front page 2. Application filled with details 3.Guide VC with signature and Guide ID card ( in case if you not using staff of study center.or not databse of IGNOU RC. ) 4. synopsis from 12 to 15 pages. Next few rules 1. Never use C/c++ for database related projects. 2,Spiral bind not hard bind / stick files while submitting.

you need to submit in manual to RC in some states like Karnataka and some accepts India post.

Next post will share in depth details with screen shots and video.

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